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Monday, October 26, 2009



An online survey is a program design by companies online to receive product feedback, and knows people's view and opinion toward their products and services. It may be to fill a simple form; it may be to say Yes/No or to say Good/Bad. And whatever you say is okay by them. There are two (2) types of survey: (1) Free survey and, (2) Paid survey. For the purpose of making money online I will emphasize on paid survey.


Survey companies are into production of goods and services. The products and services are ranges into anti-aging products, food supplements, website design, decoration, packaging, programming, software development, banner design, computer hardware, etc. They want you to give them your opinion about the products. Some of them may even give you free product sample to use for you to properly observe its work and tell them your view latter.

They are doing this to know where to adjust, what people need and to give their prospective customers the product testimonies. Survey do not take time to complete and many of the companies are ready to pay you between $10 - $500 for telling them your mind through survey and you can never be wrong even if you choose rubbish, they will still take it as your honest and sincere opinion.

(1) Adequate knowledge: Anybody that want to take survey online must have adequate knowledge of browsing, how to take survey, how to get your money from survey company. In Nigeria today, there are two ways to acquire the above knowledge and much more are: to attend seminars especially Demystify The Internet (DTI) organized by Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC) or its equivalents and buying/reading materials like e-books/CDs.

(2) Internet connection/Cyber cafe: You need a system with internet connection or you can make use of a secure cyber cafe. One hour per day will not kill you to make money.

(3) A bank account or ATM card to receive your money from Survey Company.


If by now you are still struggling with the actual business to do online to make money or you are a newbie, online survey is one of the easiest businesses to do on Internet to generate income.
One thing about them is you will get instant $10 upon registration and $27 for immediate survey. It will never take you more than 10minutes to complete. Bellows are steps to take survey.

1. Go to cyber café and buy N150 ticket or you can use your Laptop/Desktop Computer with internet connection.
Logon at:
2. You will never be asked to pay kobo to take survey.
3. Locate and click on “Create A Free Account” to register.
4. Log on to your account and locate available surveys in which you need to tell them your view about the website they design for their clients, on, on and on. You will then qualify for their USD 500 monthly promotional bonus. All these will not take you more than 30minutes a day.


This company company has three payment methods; Alertpay, Paypal and USPS. All you need to do is to open account with anyone of them but I will never advice you to open paypal account because Nigeria has been banned from their program and if you think you know way of using it, then go ahead. The truth is you will later get be caught and your money will be lost. I will recommend Alertpay or USPS for any one who wants to take survey and get paid.

There are so many payment processors that better of Paypal, in fact, in Nigeria today; we have company that can help you get you cash anywhere in the world, Payment solution like VTN and Graphcard. I also enjoy the service of payoneer. You can use any of them to get your money deposited into your bank account or withdraw with ATM card.

You can register free with them at: with this account you can pay for goods, donations, subscriptions online. You can even use your account to accept cash gifts from friends and family abroad.

Finally, if you are one of the people that have been trying to make money online without success or you are a newbie, I will advice you to start from surveys which guarantee your success without burning money and time.

More success!